Creating Sticky Notes

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Super Sofa Feature

Sticky Notes require a Super Sofa subscription.

Sticky Notes are a great way to add context to an item in your lists or Activity. You can remind yourself about who recommended a movie or write your thoughts about a book once you’ve finished reading it.

Creating a Sticky Note

You can create a Sticky Note by tapping the ••• button next to any item, then tap “Sticky Note”.

Editing Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes use Markdown for formatting things like bold, italic, and links. Sofa supports basic Markdown syntax.

Headers# Header 1, ## Header 2, ### Header 3
Link[Link title](

Review this guide for full documentation on Markdown syntax.

Quirky Mode

By default, Sticky Notes are in “Quirky Mode”. This means they are displayed in a more playful style. If you prefer a simpler style where Sticky Notes don’t cover an item’s artwork, then you can toggle Quirky Mode off in settings.

  1. Go to Settings in Sofa
  2. Tap Fiddly Things
  3. Toggle Quirky Mode off for Sticky Notes

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