Logging Activity

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Sofa allows you to easily keep a log of the things you’ve watched, read, played, and listened to. The next time someone asks, “Have you watched anything good lately?”, pull up your activity.

Log to Activity

Within a list, each item has a number of actions you can perform. You can access these by pressing the ••• button or long press on an item.

The functionality of logging to activity can be changed via Editing Lists.


People use Activity in a number of ways and Sofa is designed to be flexible to work with various workflows.

In your list settings you can change what happens to a item when you log it to Activity. By default, the item will stay in your list, but you can change it to remove the item from you list when logging to Activity.

Keep Item in List

This is best for general purpose lists. For example, you may have a “Scary Movies” list that you revisit every Halloween. When you finish watching a movie from this list, you log it to Activity and it stays in the list.

Move Item to Trash

This is best for lists that are treated more list todo lists. For example, you may have a list called “Movies to Watch” and when you watch one of those movies you want to log it to Activity and have it be removed from the list.

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