Sofa app in iPhone Xs

One Place to Organize Your Downtime

Create lists of apps, books, board games, movies, tv shows, podcasts, music albums, and video games to enjoy later.

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“Never feels like a chore”

Most of the apps we use today are designed for work. Sofa is one of the few productivity apps intentionally intended for play.

Capture In Seconds

You can come across an interesting book or movie at random times. Sofa is designed for these moments.

  • Easy Search
  • Throw it on The Pile
  • Add almost anything
Sofa app in iPhone Xs
Sofa app in iPhone Xs

Keep Things Tidy

Keeping things tidy shouldn’t ever feel like a chore. Sofa provides many ways to organize your downtime.

  • Lists & Groups
  • Log your activity
  • Activity stats & filters

Your Own Personal Guide

It can be overwhelming to figure out what to watch, play, and read. Sofa can be your own personal guide for deciding how to spend your downtime.

  • Just enough detail
  • Prioritize with The Shelf
  • Remind yourself with Sticky Notes
Sofa app in iPhone Xs

More Organized Than Your Notes App

Keeping lists in a notes app can become an incoherent mess. Sofa’s organization brings sanity and flexibility to how you spend your downtime.


Lists & Groups

Add unlimited lists and groups for categorizing all your stuff.


Throw it
on The Pile

Do you know that place in your home where you put things you’re not ready to deal with yet? That’s “The Pile.” A quick place to save stuff you’re not ready to organize.


Remind Yourself
with a Sticky

Add sticky notes to items in your lists. This is great for remembering who recommended something or for logging your thoughts.


Keep a Log
of your Activity

A historical view of the things you’ve watched, read and played. Upgrade to Super Sofa for the ability to filter and see stats.


with The Shelf

Similar to pinning, prioritize items in your lists and see them aggregated together. This is great for figuring out what you want to watch, read, play, etc.


Just Enough

Get the synopsis of a book or release date for a movie—just enough detail, nothing more. Upgrade to Super Sofa for helpful detail links.


An App
You Can Trust

Your data is completely private and secure. We intentionally can’t see the contents of your Groups, Lists, and Activity.


Easy to Start,
Easy to Leave

Sofa’s not for everyone, and that’s ok. If things don’t work out, quickly export your data in multiple formats and move on.

Make it Yours

Customizing stuff is fun, and choosing themes is no different. There are 100+ themes and counting. Choose different themes for light or dark mode, and set a custom app icon.

Sofa app in iPhone Xs
Super Sofa Logo

Super Sofa

Enjoy the full power of Sofa. No cape required.



Just for you.


per month


per year



For everyone on your Family Sharing plan (up to 5 people).


per month


per year

Included for Super

These features require a Super Sofa subscription.

Sticky Notes

Simple notes for items in your lists.

Stats & Filters

More refined controls for filtering and understanding the things you’ve logged to Activity.

The Shelf

Prioritize items in your lists and see them aggregated together.

Enhanced Details

Links to music services, podcast players, and more.

All Themes

Access to all current (100+) and future themes.

Future Features

Access to future Super features.

Included for Everyone

These features are free for everyone.

Lists & Groups

Unlimited lists and groups for categorizing all your stuff.

iCloud Syncing

Keep your data synced across all your devices.

Basic Activity

A history of what you’ve done with your downtime.

Basic Details

Get the synopsis of a book or release date for a movie.

The Pile

A quick place to save things you’re not prepared to organize.

Easy Search

Sofa will anticipate the type of item you’re searching for based on the contents of your lists.


Link directly to Lists and List items.

Data Management

Import, export, and backup your data.


Add widgets to your home screen.


Made by a Real Person

Sofa isn’t some faceless corporation; it’s made by a real person. Thank you for supporting a lovingly crafted and growing product.

Shawn Hickman

Designer & Developer

What People Are Saying About Sofa

Thanks for the kind words!

“What we love:How easy Sofa makes adding a recommendation.Type in a partial title if that’s all you have—the app automatically adds cover art, a synopsis, run time, and release date. From there, organize your picks into lists and groups to suit your mood.”

- Apple App Store Editorial Team

I’ve found Sofa to be a delight to use.It’s got a clean, thoughtful, and intuitive UI, fun customization options, and no ads.”

- Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

My favorite app to manage my media watchlist and queue on iPhone and iPad.

- Federico Viticci, MacStories

Sofa has long been a great way to organize everything from your games to your books...

- Oliver Haslam, iMore

“If you need a flexible tool for tracking media of all kinds – movies and TV shows, books, video games, podcasts, and music –Sofa is an excellent all-in-one option.

- Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

“I've been using an Airtable database for this, but I've been slowly moving everything to Sofa.What I like about Sofa is that it automatically pulls the meta data of the content.

- Christopher Lawley, The Untitled Site

Sofa helped me better distribute the time I spend on the couch, and makes sure I don’t forget to watch that show my friend keeps bugging me about.”

- Jordan McMahon, Rebooting

“If this app ever felt like a chore, it wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t use it.But it never feels like a chore, because it’s so fast, and does almost everything for you.

- App Store Reviewer

Very VERY Useful for people with bad memory; I can NEVER remember what I wanted to watch!”

- App Store Reviewer

I love being able to have ONE place all my stuff is tucked into.Go to a bookstore and find an awesome book? Throw it into Sofa! Pass by an ad for a new TV show at a stoplight? Throw it into Sofa!”

- App Store Reviewer

“Terrific app! Addresses a basic need via an awesomely simple UI!This’ll replace some poorly organized lists of mine in Evernote and the various places I keep lists of books, shows and movies (e.g. Amazon and the “watch next” lists in Netflix, IMDB, and Prime Video)!Kudos on a job well done.”

- Matt Smith

“Very nice App. It's VoiceOver compatible! Soblind folks can also easily use this iOS App.Well done.”

- @nilesh1862

“Use it all the time.Made keeping up with all the media I wanna consume so much easier!

- David Dylan Thomas

“This is a fantastic app and experience.Super simple and a joy to use. I highly recommend it.

- App Store Reviewer

“I rarely ever write reviews (cuz I think it’s too much work 🙈) but I just can’t help myself but to write one for this app sinceit literally is my dream-list-app come true!!! Not exaggerating!

- App Store Reviewer

“This app is incredible. It’s beautiful, functional, and easy. This level of organization is what I’ve been needing for awhile!Now I can make sure to actually follow up on recommendations from friends ☺️ and I won’t have to spend an hour finding something to watch.

- App Store Reviewer

“I love having the list of books I want to read so handy; sort of right in my pocket at all times! And so easy to list something I read about so I won’t forget.Much better than trying to carry a paper list or scraps of paper.During this pandemic, I have been able to purchase books on-line, without missing any or, worse, buying twice.”

- App Store Reviewer

“First of all, thank you Shawn Hickman. Your developing and design skills are absolutely amazing. Now the reasons to why this is the only media list organizer app for you: 1: Huge library of movies, games, board games, tv-series and more; with intuitive and easy lists makes your organizing cravings fulfilled. 2: wonderful design, with beautiful thumbnails and gorgeous widget3: you can frikin export you data to Excel... I mean COME ON. If you love data, you know what I mean.

- App Store Reviewer

“Just perfect for storing lists of what to read, watch or listen to in just about any format you can think of.Elegant in its simplicity, it replaces OneNote or Notes for this type of task: and is way better at it!Absolutely recommended. ”

- App Store Reviewer

Start Organizing Your Downtime

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