Organize Your Downtime

Create lists of books, movies, tv shows, podcasts, music albums, and video games to enjoy later.

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Sofa app in iPhone Xs
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More Organized Than Your Notes App

Keeping lists in a notes app can become an incoherent mess. Sofa’s organization brings sanity and flexibility to how you spend your downtime.

Lists & Groups

Keep your movies, books, podcasts, & more tidy

iCloud Syncing

Keep your data synced across iPhone and iPad


A history of what you've done with your downtime.

Add Things for Later

You can come across an interesting book or movie at random times. Sofa is designed for these moments. Capture what interests you in seconds.

Sofa app in iPhone Xs

Easy Organization

With Lists and Groups, organizing your downtime is straightforward. No more messy notes app to deal with.

Sofa app in iPhone Xs

Keep a Log of Activity

A history of what you've watched, read, listened to, and played.

Sofa app in iPhone Xs

Just Enough Detail

Get the synopsis of a book or release date for a movie. The just enough detail, nothing more.

Sofa app in iPhone Xs
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Personalize with Themes

Customizing stuff is fun, and choosing themes is no different. There are 30+ themes and counting.

Sofa app in iPhone Xs
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What People are Saying About Sofa

Thanks for the kind words!

"The flexibility and simplicity of Sofa is exactly what I needed."

- Ryan Christoffel, MacStories

"I've been using an Airtable database for this, but I've been slowly moving everything to Sofa. What I like about Sofa is that it automatically pulls the meta data of the content."

- Christopher Lawley, The Untitled Site

"Very VERY Useful for people with bad memory; I can NEVER remember what I wanted to watch!"

- App Store Reviewer

"I love being able to have ONE place all my stuff is tucked into. Go to a bookstore and find an awesome book? Throw it into Sofa! Pass by an ad for a new TV show at a stoplight? Throw it into Sofa!"

- App Store Reviewer

"Terrific app! Addresses a basic need via an awesomely simple UI! This’ll replace some poorly organized lists of mine in Evernote and the various places I keep lists Of books, shows and movies (e.g. Amazon and the “watch next” lists in Netflix, IMDB, and Prime Video)! Kudos on a job well done."

- Matt Smith

"Very nice App. It's VoiceOver compatible! so blind folks can also easily use this iOS App. Well done"

- @nilesh1862

"Use it all the time. Made keeping up with all the media I wanna consume so much easier!"

- David Dylan Thomas

"This is a fantastic app and experience. Super Simple and a joy to use. I highly recommend it."

- App Store Reviewer

Start Organizing Your Downtime

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