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This is a high-level roadmap for Sofa. Nothing here is set in stone, even work in progress can and will change. Sometimes an idea sounds good, but then changes as it’s being implemented. Don’t get too attached to anything until it actually ships.

Giving exact timelines for things is difficult. Sometimes things are easy. Other times…well…they ain’t. Expect priorities to change frequently.

To see everything that’s been done, check out the release notes.


These are all active projects that I’m currently working on.


Once something has been given a decent amount of thought, and I’m ready to commit, I will start planning for how and when I’ll work on it.

  • Sofa Events
    • New “Event” type that can be added for planning downtime activities
  • Tracking Progress and Goals
    • Allow people to track progress for downtime activities. This could be a book they are reading, tv series they are watching, or game they are playing.
  • Write support documentation for new features


New, abstract projects that need to be given more thought before committing to them. Some projects will never make it past this stage.

  • Ingredients Improvements
    • Filter by Ingredient values
    • Sort & group by Ingredient values
  • Action Bar for Detail Views
    • Improvements to accessing various actions you can take on an item’s detail view
  • Option to hide lists when they are empty
  • Video Game Search Improvements


These are longer-term projects that need more time or are a lower priority.

  • Rich Text Editing
  • Add a “Text Item” to lists
  • Unified Sofa Search
  • Sofa Localization
  • Import data from 3rd parties
  • Quick Switcher
  • Data Export Improvements
  • Theming Improvements

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