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This is a high-level roadmap for Sofa. Nothing here is set in stone, even work In Progress can and will change. Sometimes an idea sounds good, but then changes as it’s being implemented. Don’t get too attached to anything until it actually ships.

Giving exact timelines for things is difficult. Sometimes things are easy. Other times…well…they ain’t. The best I can do is Long-Term, Short-Term, and In Progress. Expect priorities to change frequently.

In Progress

Add content via the Share Sheet


Custom Categories

This is what’s currently called Data Types, but I never really liked that term because it sounds too technical.

Anyways, Buckets come in two forms:

  • Easy Buckets
  • Custom Buckets

Easy Buckets are what has been in the app for a while. They are built-in and hooked up to various data sources to each get movies, shows, books, etc.

Custom Buckets will pair nicely with links and custom content. It allows you to create your own custom buckets and “categorize” the things you’re adding to the app.

See more details here:

WWDC, Vision Pro, and a Preview of New Sofa Features

Custom Properties (Ingredients)

Shawn Hickman (@shawnhickman) on Threads

I get many requests from people to have the ability to add all types of content to Sofa that is important to their downtime: places to eat, ideas to spend time with their kids, YouTube videos, and more. Being able to add links and custom content allows you to add anything to the app.

See more details here:

WWDC, Vision Pro, and a Preview of New Sofa Features

iOS 17 Updates

  • Planning…

Shortcuts Improvements

  • Add ability to “add” things to Sofa via shortcuts


Tracking Progress and Goals

Allow people to track progress for downtime activities. This could be a book they are reading, tv series they are watching, or game they are playing.


  • Onboarding Improvements
  • Exploring Tab Bar Style Design


  • Vision Pro Support
  • Data export improvements
  • Smart lists
  • Quick Switcher
  • Localization
  • Mac app
  • Theming improvements

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