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Sofa isn’t some faceless corporation, it’s made by a real person. Thank you for supporting a lovingly crafted and growing product.

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Why I'm Making Sofa

I want to help people be more intentional with their downtime.

If you think about it, the tools we use for managing our downtime are all “work” tools. Tools like to-do lists, notes, and calendars come from our work culture. We use them for personal things, but all our work stuff is right there next to it.

Sofa is an attempt to build a non-work tool for managing your downtime. I want more tools like this to create better barriers between the work and personal areas of my life.

A little back story

In 2015, I worked on the first version of Sofa with two friends. I was the designer, one was the iOS dev and the other was the web dev. We worked very well together.

Then life got in the way. This was a side project for all of us and we still had full-time jobs. The two devs got extremely busy and couldn’t work on Sofa at the same capacity. The app sat there not being updated and it was painful for me. This was a big driver for me to learn how to code.

In the summer of 2017, I got to the point where I couldn’t wait any longer to move Sofa forward. That’s when I decided to build 2.0 myself. Within about 6 months I was able to ship Sofa 2.0 (December 6, 2017).

The ability to design and develop solutions on my own has been incredibly liberating. It makes me love the iOS platform more and more everyday. I’ve been working on Sofa continuously since then.

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