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A Place to Discuss Sofa

I have little control over how and where people talk about Sofa. I’m perfectly happy, and lucky, for anyone to talk about Sofa in any way, shape, or form.

That being said, I would like to have an official place for people to discuss Sofa and their downtime. Not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. Having a neutral place for discussions and more control is ideal.

I’m happy to announce the official Sofa forums! It’s a central place to meet other Sofa enthusiasts, discuss organization strategies, ways to enjoy your downtime, and things to read, watch, play, and listen to.

While I’ll certainly share news and updates about Sofa in the forums, that is not its primary purpose.

Even though Sofa is a private tool, the things we add to it are incredibly fun to talk about. A movie you just watched, a new podcast you found, or a simple way you’ve tweaked your routine to disconnect from work while trying to relax. This is the intent behind the community.

Why not just use Facebook or Reddit for this?

This philosophically comes down to control and ownership. Facebook and Reddit set the rules and can change them. I’d rather not become dependent on those platforms for something this important.

Forums vs Chat

Forums fit how I prefer to hang out and talk online: structured and slowly. For years, I’ve enjoyed seeing how people mod their Jeeps on JeepForum or how people travel minimally on the Tom Bihn forums. There is so much great content that is easy to search and find years later.

Contrast that with Slack and Discord. Not only are the conversations chaotic, but it’s hard to find great content buried in the river of conversations. I know it’s cool to build a community in a chat app, but I think it totally sucks. The last thing I need is another chat app to manage.

Come Join the Discussion

I’m excited about this and think it’s going to be super fun. If you enjoy using Sofa and want to learn from and talk to, others who feel the same, come join the discussion.

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