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Closing the Sofa Forums

Having a good idea and vision for how something will play out is one thing. Executing and seeing the results is another. The Sofa Forums launched at the end of 2020, and a year later, it’s time to shut them down.

Why Close the Forums?

There are a bunch of reasons why I’m shutting them down, but the biggest one is that the forums simply feel forced. Maybe sometime in the future when Sofa has a larger audience something like this will make sense. Now is not that time.

The second big reason is time. I work on Sofa by myself, and not full-time (I still have a day job). This means I have to be very picky with where I spend my time. Making the forums better would require more of my time. More time on the forums means less time on other things, like the app. Overall, I think Sofa will benefit by me spending my time in other ways.

I should note, closing the forums is in no way a reflection on how Sofa is doing. 2021 was Sofa’s best year so far and I have a lot planned for 2022. Sofa is doing very well 👍.

What about all the content?

I’ve exported and created an archive of all the important threads just in case they need to be referenced in the future. I have my own internal system for capturing feature requests so don’t worry about those getting lost.

When will it shut down?

I will take it offline on Monday, January 10, 2022. At that time all data will be deleted from the servers.

Thank You

For those of you who have joined and contributed, I really want to thank you. Your support was incredibly generous ❤️.

Contacting me about Sofa is still as easy as ever. If you have questions, feedback, or issues don’t hesitate to reach out via email(feedback@sofahq.com) or Twitter.

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