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Introducing Sofa 4.0

With version 4.0, you can add basically anything, and expand Sofa to fit your exact needs with Custom Categories, Ingredients, Smart Lists, and more.

Today, I’m excited to announce a huge new update to Sofa. Version 4.0!

If you’ve never heard of Sofa…Sofa helps you be more intentional with your downtime by creating lists of things to watch, read, play, and more.

With version 4.0, you can add basically anything, and expand Sofa to fit your exact needs with Custom Categories, Ingredients, Smart Lists, and more.

What’s New

This is a quick summary of all the new stuff. If you want to see a deeper dive, head over to the 4.0 landing page.

All New Home Screen Design

  • New design for The Pile
  • New design, and name, for Logbook (formerly Activity)
  • New design, and name, for Pinned Items (formerly The Shelf)
  • Customize what is shown on the home screen and how “quirky” it is. Go to Settings → Fiddly Things

Sofa Custom Categories

Custom Categories

Create categories for anything: articles, events, places to eat, and more.

Sofa Ingredients

Add Your Own Ingredients

Create your own rating system, plan dates for future downtime activities, add robust tagging, and more.

Pinned Lists

Always have certain lists within thumbs-reach.

Sofa Smart List

Smart Lists

Create lists that automatically populate based on a collection of filters.

Add Manual Items

You can now add items manually into Sofa with full editing capabilities. That means you can edit the title, description, image, and add your own Ingredients.

Saved website in Sofa

Paste links into Sofa and automatically get a nice preview along with pre-filled information.

Add via Share Sheet

Add websites, videos, articles, and more into Sofa via the Share Sheet.

Use Images from your Camera Roll

Use images from your camera roll or take a photo to use for cover images.

Backup File Changes

There is a new file format for Sofa backup files to work better with saving images and the new Ingredients feature. The new extension is .sofa3bk and will be automatically created starting from version 4.0.

These new backup files will be a bit larger to account for the additional data that is now being saved.

I’ve also added a setting for choosing the frequency of automatic backups: daily (default), weekly, every 2 weeks, and monthly.

Shared Lists are Ending

I’m going to be ending the beta and removing the ability to create new shared lists.

Shared Lists was launched as a beta feature in December of 2022. If you’re not sure what “beta” means, it basically means that something is in an unproven or experimental state.

During this time, I’ve learned a lot about what sharing looks like in Sofa, and what it doesn’t. Basically, I need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how sharing will work in Sofa long-term.

I have a lot of new things coming to Sofa that the current implementation of Shared Lists just doesn’t work with. Things like Custom Categories, Ingredients, and more in the pipeline (i.e. Tracking Progress).

Please know, I made this decision with care, and I’m genuinely sad that it’s going away. That being said, it’s something I want to bring back in the future.

Go to this support page for more info

Sofa 4.0 is an important evolution to make Sofa as flexible and accommodating as possible for managing your downtime. I really hope that you love it as much as I do.

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