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Sofa 3.4.2 - Quality-of-Life Update

This release has lots of little features, improvements, and a healthy amount of bug fixes.

Hey gang, I’ve got a nice quality-of-life update for you. This release has lots of little features, improvements, and a healthy amount of bug fixes.

New Settings Design

The Settings area of the app has been completely redesigned from scratch. This brings a lot of customization across the app for things like changing the shape of items in your lists, hiding data types you don’t use, and a new “quirky mode” toggle.

Overview of what’s new:

  • A new “Fiddly Things” area to fine-tune and customize the app to your taste
  • New design for choosing an alternate app icon…and some new app icons
  • Simpler settings for themes…and some new themes
  • Easily see your iCloud syncing status

Other New Things

  • Expand and collapse groups. Tap the group title or using the ••• button.
  • Tap the Sofa logo in the top title bar for a fun surprise :)
  • New experience for choosing a list with adding, moving, copying, etc.
  • Backup files now include shared lists where you are the owner of a list

Smaller App Size

Sofa’s app size was getting a little too large for my liking. I’ve optimized things under-the-hood and was able to significantly reduce the size of the app on your device. Your device should now feel much lighter in your hands!

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Crash on iPad when trying to load The Pile on launch
  • FIXED: Issue where you couldn’t move items to from a private to a shared list
  • FIXED: Poor search experience if your search query had a trailing empty character
  • FIXED: Date formatting bug in Activity for non-US countries that would prevent proper filtering
  • FIXED: Logged to Activity date wasn’t refreshing properly on an item’s detail screen
  • FIXED: App crash when you’d try to set an custom item’s cover image in Activity
  • FIXED: Global search would show the wrong group name for a list
  • FIXED: Navigating to the pile from a detail view while in global search didn’t show the correct configuration
  • FIXED: App review prompt repeatedly showing on macOS
  • FIXED: List widgets weren’t displaying their group names
  • FIXED: Shelf Widget not refreshing it’s data
  • FIXED: The description field background color was incorrect in Edit List Details
  • FIXED: Crash when renaming a list on iPad
  • FIXED: Issue when duplicating lists
  • FIXED: Crash when checking if an item is custom
  • FIXED: Theme preview not updating on item detail pages
  • FIXED: Crash that could occur when searching all your stuff from the home screen
  • FIXED: Laggy scroll performance on the search screen for iPhone
  • FIXED: Alt app icons are now hidden on the Mac
  • FIXED: Performance issue when navigating and scrolling around the app

Download the update from the App Store

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