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Organize With Lists & Groups

Add unlimited lists and groups for categorizing all your stuff.

Add unlimited lists and groups for categorizing all your stuff.

At its core, Sofa is a list-making app. When you first install the Sofa, there will be a few lists created for you. You can use these lists, rename them, delete them, or add new ones.

If you need a little more organization, you can bundle lists together into Groups.

Adding Things to Lists

You can add basically anything to a list in Sofa: movies, books, tv shows, video games, podcasts, websites, YouTube videos, and more.

You can also mix the various things you add to a list. For example, you could have a list called “Vacation” that is filled with movies to watch and books to read.

Customizing Lists

With a Super Sofa subscription, you can add more customization to your lists. You can give lists a cover image, description, and choose more layout options.

Ways People Use Lists & Groups

Sofa is highly flexible in how you can organize your information within it. That can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few examples of how people tend to organize stuff in Sofa.

Group By Category

A common organization method is to create Groups for the main categories you use and then lists for different genres within them.

For example, you could create a group called “Movies” and then have lists inside that Group called: “Animation”, “Comedy”, “Drama”, etc.

Group by Status

Another method people use is to group their lists by status, similar to a todo list.

For example, you could create groups called “Todo”, “In Progress”, and “Complete”. Lists within those groups could be named based on their category: “Movies”, “Books”, or “Podcasts”.

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