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Enjoy 40% off of an annual Super Sofa subscription for the first year

Get 40% off Super Sofa Annual

For people who are serious about their downtime


Normally $29.99 per year. Price shown is in USD.

What You Get with Super Sofa

  • Enhanced Lists: Add a cover image, large title and description, along with more layout options.
  • Sticky Notes: Simple notes for items in your lists with support for Markdown syntax.
  • Stats & Filters: More refined controls for filtering and understanding the things you’ve logged to Activity.
  • Pinned Items: Prioritize items in your lists and see them aggregated together.
  • Enhanced Details: Links to streaming providers, music services, podcast players, and more.
  • Ingredients: Create your own rating system, plan dates for future downtime activities, add robust tagging, and more.
  • Smart Lists: Create lists that automatically populate based on a collection of filters.
  • Themes & App Icons: 100+ themes and 70+ app icons.
  • Family Sharing: Share Super Sofa everyone on your Family Sharing Plan (up to 5 people).

Plus Everything in the Basic Sofa Experience

  • Lists & Groups: Unlimited lists and groups for categorizing all your stuff.
  • iCloud Syncing: Keep your data synced across all your devices.
  • Logbook: A history of what you’ve done with your downtime.
  • Basic Details: Get the synopsis of a book or release date for a movie.
  • The Pile: A quick place to save things you’re not prepared to organize.
  • Easy Search: Sofa will anticipate the type of item you’re searching for based on the contents of your lists.
  • Deeplinks: Link directly to Lists and List items.
  • Data Management: Import, export, and backup your data.
  • Shortcuts: Access your Sofa data to power some nerdy and fun workflows.

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