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Version 3.2


Hey gang, I’m happy to share a smaller quality-of-life update. This update includes some new goodies and tweaks to the design to make the app more flexible.

What’s New

Group & List Sorting

You can now change the sorting for Groups and Lists. You’ll be able to sort these independently by Title, Date Edited, or Date Created. Tap the ••• button to reveal the sorting options.


Trash is an extra layer of safety for lists and lists items that you’ve deleted. Once an item is moved to the trash, it will be there forever unless permanently deleted.


  • Logging items to Activity is now much more straightforward. By default, when you tap “Log to Activity,” the item will log to Activity and stay in the list.
  • When moving or copying items within a list, you can now add them back to The Pile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where searching for movies and TV shows would ignore items without images
  • Fixed an issue where sticky notes wouldn’t update in the interface. The data was always saved, but the UI wasn’t reflecting it.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when searching within a list

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