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Version 3.3



An iPhone or iPad running at least iOS 15+ and an Apple Silicon Mac running 12.3+

Hey gang, ready for a fun update? This release enables you to make your lists even more personal and fun.

  • Cover images for lists
  • Large titles and descriptions
  • New layout options
  • Custom settings per list
  • Edit custom item’s image and title
  • Markdown for Sticky Notes
  • 8 new themes

About This Update

The lists that people create in Sofa are highly personal and are often painstakingly curated over time. A lot of time, effort, and care goes into creating and curating people’s reading lists, watch lists, playing lists, and more. The benefit of Sofa is managing all of this in one place so you can be more intentional with your downtime.

What’s New with Lists

For your lists, you’ll now be able to add a cover image, large title and description, along with more layout options.

Cover Images

Add a large cover image to each of your lists. You can search from Sofa’s movie, tv show, and video game data sources, Unsplash, or add an image with a URL.

Large Titles & Descriptions

Display a large title for your lists and give it a description. Descriptions support markdown syntax for a little extra flair. Perfect for adding bold, italic, and links.

Layout Options

Two new “cozy” grid and list layout options. These “cozy” options are great for lists where you want a little more information density.

Custom Settings Per List

All list settings are now saved per list and synced with iCloud. This means you can choose different sorting and layout options for each list.

New “Edit List” View

A new view is dedicated to controlling all the details to easily understand and customize all these settings. Tap the * * * button in the top right of each list, then “Edit List Details.”

Edit Custom Items

Custom Items are a great way to add content to your lists even if one of Sofa’s data sources can’t find it. Previously, custom items would use a random image from Unsplash. You can change the title and cover image for custom items in your lists. This should make custom items feel more at home in your lists.

Sticky Notes Markdown Support

Sticky Notes now support markdown syntax. This helps add emphasis and links to your notes.

Important Changes

Editing Sticky Notes requires explicitly tapping the “edit” button in the top bar. This approach has pros and cons, but the main benefits are that rendering and interacting with Markdown is much more reliable with this implementation.

New Themes

Sofa is ready for spring and summer with 8 new themes:


  • New Day
  • Flower Power
  • Open Fields
  • Sleeping Flowers


  • Camp Out
  • Clear Skies
  • Surf’s Up
  • Island Vibes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • You can now take action on items when performing a global search
  • Fixed the pluralization of an Activity metric category when the total equaled one.
  • Fixed a bug where items would “flash” when being moved to and from the Shelf

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