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Version 3.4.1


Hey gang, thanks so much for the great response to v3.4! I’m glad you’re enjoying all the new features. This is a small update focused on squashing bugs and making things smoother.

What’s New

  • You can now duplicate a list


  • Updated the Community section of the Settings page
  • Global and List search is a little smoother and more accurate

Shared Lists Fixed

  • FIXED: Permissions issue when copying or moving items to lists
  • FIXED: Issue where a list would create multiple copies of itself when being unshared

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Crash that would happen on launch
  • FIXED: Crash that would happen when tapping on The Shelf
  • FIXED: Keyboard navigation issue with Lists
  • FIXED: Issue where The Shelf widgets weren’t rendering correctly
  • FIXED: Issue where shadows would get wonky on iPad
  • FIXED: Issue where groups and lists weren’t displaying properly when adding a custom item
  • FIXED: Issue where you couldn’t tap on links in list descriptions

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