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Version 3.4.13


Hey gang, as of Oct 1, 2023, the provider Sofa uses for board game data will be shutting down. This release will migrate all of your board game data and save it locally to your device. This is to ensure you have access to all board game information after Oct 1, 2023.

Going forward, Sofa will now save all item meta data locally to your device. This will improve the speed of the app, make your data more resilient, and save on your data usage.

What’s New

  • Migration of board game data
  • When adding new items or when viewing item details, Sofa will save all meta data locally to your device


  • Improvements to the Sofa backup files and importing of those files

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: macOS support
  • FIXED: Crash when adding a custom board game
  • FIXED: Support links in data management screen were incorrect
  • FIXED: Searching all your stuff wasn’t displaying the correct group title
  • FIXED: Crash when tapping on Activity after changing the default year filter

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