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Version 3.4.14


What’s New

  • New pricing page design for Super Sofa
  • Implemented a way to send remote announcements to people in the app. This will only be used for rare occasions.
  • Added a url scheme for performing searches.
  • Added setting for choosing which side of the screen you want the big ”+” button. Head to Fiddly Settings to play with this.


  • Improved iPad cursor support throughout the app
  • Improved book search results
  • Improved search results when searching with “and” or ”&“

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Widget layout issues for iOS 17 users
  • FIXED: Support links in Settings page
  • FIXED: Category filter in Activity wasn’t updating properly
  • FIXED: Cover images not updating for lists
  • FIXED: Haptic feedback when tapping buttons in detail views

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