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Version 3.4.4


Hey gang, I’ve got another quality-of-life update for you. I hope everyone is doing well!

What’s New

  • New group picker when moving lists to a new group
  • Search results are now tailored to your country, making it even easier to find what you’re looking for!
  • For people outside of the US, there is a new fiddly setting to control where your data comes from when searching. This should hopefully improve search results.

Pricing Updates

I’ve simplified Sofa’s plans, making it easier for you to enjoy all the features you love, and share them with your family. Personal Plan users can now access Apple Family Sharing at no extra cost, while Family Plan users get a price reduction!

A Simpler, More Inclusive Subscription Plan for Everyone - Sofa


  • Sorting items now ignores common words like “a”, “an”, and “the”. This applies to lists, The Pile, The Shelf, and Activity.
  • You can now search books by title and author
  • Sorting items in lists now applies to items on The Shelf too

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Links in sticky notes and descriptions weren’t tappable. You can now tap on links again!
  • FIXED: List descriptions and title wouldn’t update in the List view after saving
  • FIXED: Global search wasn’t properly updating when a search returned no results.
  • FIXED: You were unable to add Activity items to a list via the list picker while performing a global search
  • FIXED: Fixed issue where movies showed the wrong release date
  • FIXED: Wrong theme color being used in search bars
  • FIXED: List cover images wouldn’t update correctly after choosing a new image
  • FIXED: Weird resizing issue when opening the search screen
  • FIXED: Wrong tint color being used for non-quirky sticky notes when displayed in a list view
  • FIXED: Incorrect group titles when viewing item on The Shelf
  • FIXED: Incorrect group title when viewing a list from a detail view
  • FIXED: Logging to activity from a detail view didn’t respect a list’s “Log to Activity” setting

The privacy policy has also been updated. You can review the changes at privacy.

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