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Version 4.1


What’s New

  • Sofa on visionOS
  • Sofa on macOS


  • You can now search for items you’ve added to Sofa by their metadata or Ingredient values
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for Mac, Vision Pro, and iPad
  • Text Ingredients now adapt to longer, multi-line text
  • Redesigned how you change the search category and search mode to work better across all platforms and devices

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Pinned Items navigation wasn’t working when using the non-quirky design for the home screen
  • FIXED: “Add to List” Shortcuts actions weren’t pulling in List data correctly
  • FIXED: Issue where importing a Sofa backup file would remove duplicate items from Logbook
  • FIXED: Crash when adding websites to Sofa via a Shortcut
  • FIXED: Issue where you couldn’t use the “Board Game” Category when adding custom items
  • FIXED: Crash when displaying the keyboard on the home screen
  • FIXED: Crash when viewing Pinned Items

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