Shortcuts for List Items

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Shortcuts for List Items allow you access to all of your list item data. With your list item data you can open items, integrate with other apps, and create new workflows.

Open List Item

The Open List Item shortcut allows you to open a specific list item via a shortcut.

Tapping the empty List Item property will show a screen that allows you to choose which item you’d like to open.

Find List Item

Searches for list items in your library that match the given criteria.

  • Sort by¬†- Optionally, what to sort the items by
  • Order¬†- The order to sort the items in
  • Limit¬†- Whether or not to limit the number of items retrieved
  • List Item¬†- If provided, the action will search through the item passed as input (optional)
  • Result¬†- The items that match the criteria


Filters allow you to narrow down the results when querying your lists.

  • Title¬†- Filter the results based on the title of the list
  • Item Type¬†- Filter the results based on the item type: app, book, movie, etc
  • Date Added¬†- Filter the results based on the creation date of the list
  • Date Edited¬†- Filter the results based on the edit date of the list
  • Sticky Note¬†- Filter the results based on the contents of a Sticky Note

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