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Migrating from a Subscription to a Lifetime Plan

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If you’re currently subscribed to a monthly or annual Super Sofa plan and want to migrate to a Lifetime plan, Sofa offers a simple way to do that.

First, you’ll need to wait for your current subscription to expire. The way the App Store is set up you can’t change a subscription mid-subscription.

It’s recommended that you set your current subscription to not renew. View this support page from Apple for more information.

After your subscription expires, you’ll be able to purchase a Lifetime Super Sofa plan:

  1. Open Sofa
  2. Tap the ••• button in the top right of the home screen, then tap “Settings”
  3. Tap on the button in the Super Sofa section to view the plans to purchase
  4. Choose the Personal or Family Lifetime you want

Important Notes for Annual Subscribers

  • If you’ve previously subscribed to an annual plan, the Lifetime plan will be discounted. The discounted price will be shown when purchasing a Lifetime option.
  • You’ll also need to be running at least version 3.3.2 of Sofa.
  • This discount is not available for monthly subscribers.

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