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Sofa for Vision Pro and Mac

With version 4.0, you can add basically anything, and expand Sofa to fit your exact needs with Custom Categories, Ingredients, Smart Lists, and more.

I’m happy to announce that Sofa is now available on the Mac and Vision Pro!

I had originally planned to have Sofa ready for Vision Pro when it launched in February, but I was deep in the middle of working on Sofa 4.0 (which launched in April). During May, I was focused mostly on 4.0 bug fixes and prepping for my trip to WWDC in early June.

This left me with a small two to three week window after WWDC, and before I start work on the new iOS 18 features, where I wanted to see if I could bring Sofa to the Mac and Vision Pro. It turns out, I could!

Up to this point, you’ve technically be able use Sofa’s iPad app on the Mac and Vision Pro, but this new version of Sofa is built specifically for the Mac and Vision Pro. There is still a lot more work to be done for these apps, especially the Mac, but this is a good improvement over the existing iPad versions.

Vision Pro Design Challenges

There were a bunch of design challenges bringing Sofa to Vision Pro, specifically around themes. If you don’t know, Sofa has over 100 themes to choose from, and they’ve been a fun part of the overall experience.

In visionOS, the glass texture is an important part of the look and feel. Finding the right balance between which parts of the app used the glass effect, and which were themed took a lot of iteration.

The additional challenge was that I don’t personally have a Vision Pro, so testing was very limited. Luckily, I have some very nice friends who tested and shared helpful feedback.

In the end, I’m pretty happy with where the design landed, but I’m expecting to iterate as I get more feedback from people using it.

Ingredient Improvements

Sofa 4.1 also brings a few improvements to Ingredients:

  • You can now search for items you’ve added to Sofa by their metadata or Ingredient values
  • Text Ingredients now adapt to longer, multi-line text

You can read the full release notes here, and download the update from the App Store.

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