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Version 3.3.1


Hey gang, thanks so much for all the great feedback about the previous release. I’m glad to see you’re all enjoying it!

What’s New

Today I’m introducing a new way of leveling up to Super Sofa, a lifetime billing option. A lifetime billing option is exactly what it says on the tin: pay for Super Sofa once and enjoy the full benefits forever.

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  • Smaller Sticky Notes now show the correct formatting when using Markdown

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Crash when tapping on a search result that didn’t have a cover image
  • Fixed: If you had the same item in The Pile and tried to delete one, it would delete both.
  • Fixed: Issue where the wrong theme would be selected in settings if it had “Classic” in the title.
  • Fixed: Adding, updating, and removing Sticky Notes from items in The Pile and The Shelf weren’t immediately reflected in the UI.

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